Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Well its thursday and a short week for me! Day off tomorrow, but wow, its going to be 38 degrees so spending some time at the beach might be in order!

Ive been reading about the Montessori philosophy which I have found pretty interesting as it goes well with the unit in the childcare course I am studying at the moment.

Here is a short video I found demonstrating the theory :)

Sunday, 27 November 2016

I got a job!


this is my first post about becoming a childcare worker in Australia! Ive always loved children, especially toddlers, they are so genuine, so full of love and so cute! I worked in admin before and really got sick of going to work each day doing the same old thing over and over with my boss watching what I was doing, sitting down at a computer all day and generally being bored out of my mind. I looked everywhere for childcare courses, childcare training, childcare qualifications and how to become a childcare worker, eventually I found that I needed to do a Cert 3 in childcare or a Diploma in childcare, I think it used to be called a Certificate III in Childrens Services.

So... I decided to embark on a new journey in childcare. Maybe I was feeling broody, who knows but looked around and was originally going to sign up with Tafe but then when I started looking on the internet and found that the courses were way way cheaper! I after speaking to lots and lots of colleges I went with the Australian College of Teacher Aides and Childcare and enrolled in their Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Instead of speaking to a sales guy I spoke to a trainer who had been an early childhood teacher in a kindy and ran prep rooms. She was great and she even helped me prepare my CV for my placement.

I was lucky the first centre I went to offered me a job to start the next day!

Thats enough for now, but im looking forward to my next blog about my first few days in childcare!